United Way

For the United Way’s 2014/2015 fundraising campaigns we needed to create a thematic approach that worked universally across a vast network. From large overarching billboard, print, and web placements, to work-place fundraising where each group could adapt the concept to their own unique identity. In 2014, we created “Poverty Is Solvable” approaching the challenge of poverty in an intellectual way. Puzzles, word searches, animations, and custom Puzzle Cubes were created to engage supporters in an interactive.  In 2015, we continued our thematic approach with the launch of “We Are Problem Solvers”. A campaign that highlighted the great human accomplishments of the past with a connection to Capital Region. The two campaigns set record numbers of support for the United Way, culminating in the connected statement “Poverty Is Solvable” –  “We Are Problem Solvers, Poverty Is Next”