Sticks & Stones, the highest ranked Edmonton based creative agency, is currently hiring for a new member of our team.


Roles are a very abstract thing at Sticks & Stones as every employee is a member of our creative team. Therefore we aren’t hiring for a specific job but rather looking for some skills to strengthen our group. This job will have a strong bias towards writing as that is the skill-set that we require right now.


Experience over education. We value education but we’d prefer someone that works on personal projects at 3am over someone who has a formal education and would rather spend their time doing something else.

Sticks & Stones is a different workplace. If you prove your value, you get to help define your role. The office is full of accomplished people whom all lead interesting lives outside of work – whether it is promoting concerts, making TV shows, building video games, developing financial algorithms, composing albums, coaching soccer, or painting pictures. We ideally want a new family member that is well-rounded, capable, and excitable.


Candidates should

  • love what they do
  • be good at what they do
  • be creative
  • be smart
  • be presentable
  • be able to work with others
  • be available to work to deadlines
  • be happy

The primary skills that we are looking for are

  • Professional writing. Proposals and other sales related things.
  • Grant writing. Professional and not-for-profit grants.
  • Production and coordination. Help the team execute.

If available, please highlight

  • Experience. Any and all, we like people from all walks. Please highlight any projects or work that you’re especially proud of.
  • Professional level writing experience.
  • Creative writing experience.
  • Proficiency with Macintosh computers, Microsoft Office & Apple Pages/Numbers.
  • Any experience with Adobe CC.

Also, we prefer people who believe that less is often more, and those with the self esteem to fight for their vision but a maturity to take a loss gracefully.

It is important to be interested in something other than just your job.


Sticks & Stones normally has a 40 hour work week, Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm with high levels of flexibility based on proven merit. Additional hours may be required to meet deadlines, which could include evenings and weekends.

We have an open concept office, if you can’t manage working while being social please don’t apply.


Salary will vary depending on experience and skill set. Great benefits are available to all our full-time employees that make it past the probation. This is a junior position with room to advance.

We also offer full-time staff the opportunity to advance themselves in an aspect other than what they do professionally. We like well-roundedness…and I know I made that word up.

Please submit a resume, informal letter, any portfolio samples/link and a small 1/2/5 year plan to careers@andstones.ca